A message from our RAFT Chairperson, Sarah Tate

29 09 2016
RAFT – Annual General Meeting
I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself, Sarah Tate, mum to Holly in year 3 and Willow in Year 1 and currently Chair of our PTA which we call RAFT (Roseberry Academy Friends and Teachers). It might sound incredibly formal but, in actual fact, we are a group of like minded parents, busy with jobs, kids and life in general.
The Annual General Meeting is the chance to elect the committee, appoint new members and discuss the needs of the school and how we can be of support.  We have membership roles to fill, specifically we currently have vacancies for a Vice Chair, Secretary and Minute Secretary. These roles are vital, so please consider whether you would be interested!  My role is to help build a committee that will continue to thrive so we need new members, new ideas, and contacts to help get things done.
We really want to support the school in being able to provide the best experiences they can for all the children that attend. We need to be able to come together to fund raise for all of the little extras that make a big difference, such as the school trips the kids love; Holly loved the trip to Fountains Abbey and was heard telling Willow, she dressed  up as a Monk which prompted Willow to query this “Chipmunks?” –  there’s never a dull moment with children!  We also help to fund the teachers to parents text service which helps everyone stay in touch and RAFT funded the new stage in the hall (with a very generous donation from Thompsons’ Schools of Ballet), and the transport for East Barnby. Our new library books will also be funded from the work we do together.
We had a wonderfully successful Summer FAIR in June 2016 and raised £2000 to go towards the new library but as we know in this day and age, this is not likely to go far and we really need to boost this figure this year.



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    29 09 2016
      Sadaf Rehman (13:14:44) :     Reply

    Hello Sarah I would like to know the timings of meeting please 🙂

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